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What Factors Do Horse Appraisers Evaluate?

Valuing a horse can depend on various factors including breed, age, pedigree, training, competition record, temperament, size, movement, and more. Here are some of the common factors horse appraisers use to value horses:

  1. Pedigree: In some cases, a horse's pedigree can affect its value. Horses from successful paternal and maternal lines with demonstrated success have a higher probability of being able to compete/produce successfully in the future v. horses with unknown lineage.

  2. Competition record: A horse's performance record greatly influences it's value. Horses that have been tested in competition at the national level will command much higher valuations then horses that have competed in unrated local competition or no competition at all. Even for young horses that aren't of riding age, competing in in-hand events can be an excellent way to increase their value prior to being started under saddle.

  3. Comparable sales: By looking at horses of similar profiles that are for sale and have sold, Stier Horses appraisal can help to narrow in on the market range for your horse. A general rule of thumb is to look for horses that are slightly younger with better bloodlines/competition records to illustrate the subject horse's ceiling. For example, if I can buy a younger, better bred horse with a competition record when compared to the subject horse, then we know the subject horse's valuation should be below the aforementioned comparable.

  4. Siblings: Pertaining to pedigree and comparable sales, some of the best market comparables are full or half-siblings to the subject horse. If a stallion is popular, there will often be many paternal half-siblings available; however, maternal half-siblings are often a better comparable if available.

It's important to keep in mind that the value of a horse can fluctuate over time based on changes in the horse's condition, the market demand for horses, and many other factors. If you're interested in learning about your horse's Fair Market Value (FMV), contact Stier Horse Appraisal for a consultation.

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