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From Fox-Hunting to Equine Therapy

When we were contacted to do this Florida equine appraisal, it was hard to control our excitement! Thunderball, or "Dudley," came to Florida from Canada where he was the field master's horse in Fox Hunting. This guy is gorgeous, lovable, and totally kid-safe.

Dudley Leading The Hunt

MDM Equestrian Group in Florida was looking for a home that would appreciate Dudley as much as they do. Stier Horse Appraisal recommended that MDM speak with Chastain Horse Park, a 501(c)3 non-profit in Atlanta. Chastain Horse Park works to empower riders of all abilities through life-changing relationships with horses. After speaking with Chastain, we knew that this would be the perfect home for Dudley.

Since arriving at his new home, the staff at Chastain have described Dudley as a "gem." We are so happy to know that MDM Equestrian Group was able to donate this amazing horse and benefit such a wonderful program.

From all of us at Stier Horse Appraisal, congratulations Chastain Horse Park!

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